Six Office Improvement Trends

At McCownGordon, we have a team of experts that focus on helping clients renovate or build out corporate office spaces. Each year, our team sees trends across different corporations that help attract and retain top talent. In a world where offices are competing against home offices, corporate office designs are shifting to better accommodate associates’ needs and expectations.

According to a Leesmanidex report, 83% of employees believe their home environment enables them to work productively.

Here are the top six trends we have seen to better attract and retain top talent:


The first trend our team sees is overall quality of the space. Offices that were once Class B are upgrading to a Class A office. Quality is important. If associates are weighing the option of working from home or commuting to work, the quality of the workspace must be worth the drive and commute time. Associates are looking for workspaces that are as nice or nicer than their home workspace. Many clients are finding they can afford higher quality workspaces because they are embracing hybrid work. They now need less office space for their workers and can splurge for smaller footprints in better buildings.

Hospitality environment

Today’s office lobbies look more like a welcoming hospitality space with an open concept and often feature large windows. Some office entries combine the reception area, living room and break room with large couches and sitting areas, and snack and coffee counters for both associates and guests to enjoy.

Flexible spacing

With associates expecting flexible work schedules, they also desire flexible working stations. After years of working from various places within their home (from the couch, patio, dining table, etc.), people want the freedom to work in several spots throughout the day and choose where they will produce the best outcome. Adding in “hoteling” spaces, booths and collaboration spaces provides diverse options and allows the space to eb and flow as associates like.


Amenity spaces in offices help integrate the ways we live and work to create a balance between workplace and lifestyle. Amenities should reflect the company’s culture and help employees de-stress, as well as be more productive and relaxed in the workplace. Today’s office amenities provide incentive for leaving the home and include things like cafés, coffee/expresso bars, office gyms and roof top patios. Another highly desired amenity is wellness rooms. These rooms are private rooms for new mothers or associates who need to step away from their desk to recharge. After a couple of unprecedented years, offices now recognize the stress employees are under and want to provide them space to rejuvenate.

Social spaces

After working remotely for years, associates want to come to the office and have the ability to socialize with their coworkers. Offices now include large gathering and collaboration spaces. This is a balancing act to offer associates quiet working stations to work without distraction, like at home, and also space to easily collaborate and socialize with coworkers (something they can’t get at home).

More daylight

There are many benefits to increased daylight, the most being, improved mood. People are naturally happier and healthier when exposed to daylight. Associates that come into work and are greeted with large windows and natural light will naturally be more energized. Many were forced to work from all corners of the house with some even working in basements with minimal light. Providing more natural light in the office than people can get at home may incentivize people to come in.

Many industries are experiencing the challenge of recruiting and retaining top talent—the great resignation. While a lot of associates are reimagining their lives, they will start looking for places to work that offer optimal quality of life. If your office isn’t helping them achieve their ideal lifestyle, they may start looking elsewhere. With more people evaluating their current situations and considering changing jobs, corporations need to focus on their people first to make them happier and healthier in their working environment.

We have worked with many corporations and design teams to find balance between cost and quality in renovating office spaces. We’re able to evaluate each design option in real-time as the design changes plans to maximize your current space. Contact us when you start considering improving your workplace and we’ll walk you through your options.

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