A rendering of the exterior of the Raven Precision Agriculture Center being constructed by McCownGordon

Raven Precision Agriculture Center

Project Case Study
McCownGordon provided construction management services for South Dakota State University's new precision agriculture center in the heart of their campus. The project includes advanced architectural engineering and plant sciences programs with specialized laboratories, including BSL spaces.


South Dakota State University
State of South Dakota


Building Information Modeling
Collaborative Delivery


Brookings, SD

The facility gathers agronomy, engineering and computer science into one building, where students and faculty can collaborate, research and innovate. Students using this new facility enter the workforce uniquely qualified and highly valuable within the agriculture industry. The new center houses modern precision farm equipment and learning spaces where students can collaborate on design projects.


A photo of the hallway construction taking place at the Raven Precision Agriculture Center.

The building consists of research, general classroom and industrial teaching laboratory spaces, office and administrative areas, a collaborative student facility and general support space. The team executed demolition, soil remediation, steam tunnel extension, and integrated the building heat and cooling from the campus central steam and water distribution systems.

Construction taking place by McCownGordon inside the Raven Precision Agriculture Center.

The new facility is constructed with precast interior and exterior walls for high bay space with a steel roof, laboratory casework, chemical fume hoods and a VAV HVAC system. In addition, the center boasts a large, voluminous atrium that houses a dynamometer to support the advanced curriculum. The second-floor overlook provides a unique view of the gallery space at the northeast corner of the building.