McCownGordon Employee Spotlight – Arlen

Market Leader, Arlen Kleinsorge

Arlen Kleinsorge is a market leader in our Civic Construction market. He has worked with us for more than 19 years! Now he leads the Civic Market in and around the Kansas City region. Civic buildings are cornerstones of their communities. Whether it’s a public library, a convention facility or a public safety station, Arlen understands the nuances of creating buildings designed to serve the public. Civic buildings require more communication, outreach and financial stewardship; those are things he takes seriously.

He juggles a lot of tasks and manages to keep them all in order—it might have something to do with his actual juggling skills! With his depth of experience, he’s able to keep clients informed every step of the way and ensure the projects move forward on time and within budget.

Back when Arlen first joined the McCownGordon team, the company had about 15 associates. Nineteen years later and the company has grown to more than 500 associates. In fact, when he started out, Christmas parties could be held in Brett Gordon’s basement, but we certainly can’t fit the company in there now. Despite that massive growth, Arlen said the people are still the core of McCownGordon’s tremendous culture

“After all this time, the culture is still the same, or even better, because of the people,” he said. 

As an employee-owned company, one person’s success is everyone’s success at McCownGordon. Our team is always working toward the same goals for the betterment of all. Arlen is fully vested as an employee-owner and sees first-hand how much of a difference it makes among the employees.

“The success of the company outweighs individual wins,” he said. “I feel that we work together more as a team because all of our successes are shared among all associates. Since we’ve become an ESOP, there has been a renewed focus among employees because they know their contributions and hard work every day goes to the bottom-line success of the company.” 

Arlen described McCownGordon as a professional, yet casual, company with an approachable and personable attitude. We’re a fast-paced company, but family comes first.

“Architects and clients enjoy working with us,” he said. “We always go out of our way to ensure clients have the greatest experience possible.”

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At McCownGordon, we do more than construct buildings, we’re building dreams every day. Loving what you do makes all the difference in life. We are 100% employee-owned because we know our people are our true asset. When everyone is passionate about their work, everyone wins. Meet the team and get to know some of the names and faces that make McCownGordon a great place to work. 

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