Career Fair season is almost here!

McCownGordon interns touring a jobsite

The Fall semester is ramping up, and Career Fair season is almost here! The McCownGordon Recruitment Team is looking forward to engaging with more than 12 universities and meeting so many of you this year. Whether you are attending a career fair in person or virtually, it’s important to come prepared! Let’s talk about how to prepare for career fairs.



  1. If possible, determine the companies who will be attending the career fair and create a list of the top ten companies you want to visit. Do your research on the company and come up with two or three go-to questions to ask the representatives.
  2. Update and print your resume. Be sure your contact information on your resume is correct (it’s happened more than once that we couldn’t contact a student because their phone number was incorrect!). I always recommend printing more copies of your resume than you think you’ll need. If you’re attending a virtual career fair, be sure the company has your resume ahead of time and keep a copy in front of you to reference during your conversations.
  3. Practice your elevator pitch. Be prepared to express your competitive edge or what is unique about you. Prepare a 30 second pitch to introduce yourself, express your strengths, interests, experiences, and skills that will help you make a lasting impression.

TIP: If you can, map out your visits ahead of time so you have a plan; avoid long lines to maximize your time at the career fair.



  1. Be yourself and demonstrate confidence! Make eye contact, give a firm handshake, and don’t forget to smile.
  2. If you’re attending a virtual career fair, be sure to test your audio and camera ahead of time and show up to the chat room on time or early.
  3. Dress professionally but comfortably.
  4. Make notes after each company visit; pick up business cards or handouts for reminders.
  5. Follow up! Follow up with the company after the career fair if you want more information or want to stay on their radar.


Our team is ready to join you on campus this fall! Be sure to check out our website to see what internship opportunities are available for summer of 2022 and when we’ll be visiting your school! See you soon!


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