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McCownGordon Construction has a people-first way of doing business.

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About Us.

As a general contractor in DFW, we bring a high level of involvement, engaged communication and an innovative, problem-solving approach focused on building lasting client partnerships.

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We’re here to be your partner. Your construction manager should view every project through a customer-centric, future-focused lens. This is our approach. It challenges us to redefine the way we see, think and work to bring your project to life.

We start with active listening, finding ways to create the most value for your investment. Through our delivery methods, cutting-edge technology, unprecedented safety and leading sustainability solutions, we can not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

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About McCownGordon Construction

McCownGordon Construction is an employee-owned construction company in Dallas-Fort Worth, with its headquarters in Kansas City, and other offices in Manhattan, Kansas, Wichita, Kansas. As a thought leader in our industry, we strive to fulfill a role not just as a contractor, but as a full partner throughout the project. That same philosophy drives our commitment to respect and inclusion for our associates.

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Who we are.

We’re the kind of construction company in Texas that hires people based on who they are, not what they’ve done. Training someone in our unique processes is easier than training someone to embody our core values—integrity, performance and relationships. Our team is friendly, hardworking and trustworthy.

Our goal for each project is to deliver the best building experience and enhance the journey for our associates, clients, partners and community. To see more of who we are, learn about our culture.

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What We Do.


We want to do things right from the outset. When you partner with McCownGordon as your construction manager, you get preconstruction services that go far beyond estimating—it includes things like feasibility studies, financing analysis, ROI analysis, and more. Preconstruction includes everything up to groundbreaking and ensures our clients, team leads and third-party contractors are in constant and clear communication from day one.

Construction Technology

Even though we are commercial builders, we are a leader in technology. We think ahead and vet leading-edge technologies to improve the outcomes of projects, from virtual construction in preconstruction to 360 photography and drone footage for schedule tracking. The right tools are essential to the success of any project, and our team of innovators dedicates their time to researching and testing emerging tech to find those tools. Our construction technology team also teaches the project owner and trade partners how to effectively use relevant technology for an overall smoother process.

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Delivery Methods

Our team of experts can help you evaluate the construction delivery method for your project. Our experience has given us a lot of insight into what factors to consider when choosing a construction delivery method. Our collaborative Design-Build delivery method brings the construction manager, architects and trade partners together early to initiate strong communication throughout the life of the project. It also features a guaranteed maximum price early in the process, keeping things on budget. We are also a premier provider of the Construction Manager at Risk (CMR) delivery method, which provides a level of transparency and efficiency for construction projects throughout Texas.


When it comes to construction, safety is the name of the game. McCownGordon’s Experience Modification Rate is lower than the overall industry average because we always provide a safe working environment. We’ve had more than 3 MILLION work hours without a lost-time incident.

Building Performance Solutions

Our Building Performance Solutions department has engineers, architects and licensed commissioning professionals who are all experts in their fields. Specialty services through McCownGordon provide a great complement to the project team with unparalleled knowledge and focus.

Trade Partner Prequalification

Building relationships with our trade partners is as important to our firm as the relationships we build with clients. We prioritize honesty and accountability when looking for trade partners and believe everyone on the job has input and adds value. If you hold those beliefs, reach out as a trade partner and fill out a form!

Our project approach.

Stage One: Pursuing the Project – We learn everything we can about a project while we’re pursuing it. 

Stage Two: Preconstruction – Preconstruction is a huge part of any project. We make sure the project owner is able to make the best decisions for the overall project and that construction goes off without a hitch.

Stage Three: Construction – Now it begins to come to fruition, and shovel is put to soil to start the actual building. This phase is built upon the success of our thorough preconstruction processes and managed using our stringent site safety protocols, best-in-the-industry communication and streamlined logistics. 

Stage Four: Close Out – We work hard to coordinate every step with our client to determine how they’re moving into their new space. From the preconstruction phase, we’ll be working with the vendors for things like furniture and IT systems so the close out phase goes as smoothly as the rest of the project.

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Why choose McCownGordon?

McCownGordon strives to be more than another construction company in DFW; we aim to be thought leaders in our industry who understand the value in good relationships. We look at every project that comes through our company through a customer-centric, future-focused lens.

Through our processes and philosophies, our team consistently produces results that are on time, within budget and that exceed expectations. 

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