McCownGordon Employee Spotlight – Lauren

Engineering Manager, Lauren Koval

Lauren Koval is an Engineering Manager who has worked with us for more than four years. Like many of our employees, she transitioned into the role of Engineering Manager after exploring cross-training opportunities provided by McCownGordon. Lauren was fresh out of college when she first started with us as a Project Engineer.

When Lauren first began the cross-training program within our Building Performance Solutions department, the plan was for her to spend one year learning that department before returning to Project Management. 

“I very quickly realized that Building Performance Solutions was the best fit for me,” Lauren said, “And I’ve been there ever since!”

Giving associates opportunities to learn more about other departments within the company helps people find the roles which fit them best. As Project Engineer, Lauren was responsible for things like working directly with various stakeholders on projects. She worked directly with field engineers and superintendents in the field, ensuring they had all of the answers they needed to keep projects moving forward. Project Engineers are also responsible for keeping in contact with trade partners to ensure an adequate flow of information from the engineers and owners to the trade partners. 

As Engineering Manager, Lauren’s role has evolved. “I love being in the Building Performance Solutions department because I get to be involved with many different projects in various stages of the construction process,” she said. “Some days involve drawing reviews and estimating, while others involve Owner-Architect-Contractor meetings or coordination meetings on site.”

The role of Engineering Manager is one that looks a little different every week. In this position, Lauren is constantly learning new things and discovering great new applications for her impressive skills. “It’s been a great journey, and I have loved growing in this role over the years,” Lauren said. 

To support our associates’ growth, McCownGordon does what it can to encourage anyone to get the additional certifications or schooling they need to excel. Lauren recently obtained her Professional Engineering License thanks to her own hard work, along with the support and encouragement of her department and the company as a whole.

As an employee-owned company, one person’s success is everyone’s success at McCownGordon. The culture of our team is always working toward the same goals for the betterment of all.

“I love the people at McCownGordon. In my role, I have the opportunity to work with many different departments within our company, and I really enjoy getting to collaborate with so many associates that aren’t just great at their jobs, but are great people too,” Lauren said. “I can’t imagine working anywhere else. McCownGordon allowed me to explore to find the right role for me and has been nothing but supportive throughout the journey.”

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