A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats: DEI in the Community

diverse mccowngordon cosntruction staff in Kansas city, missouri

At McCownGordon Construction, we live and breathe diversity, equity and inclusion. By fostering and embracing different ideas, perspectives and experiences with our associates we ensure a lasting impact on the communities in which we work. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are intimately connected to one another. Diversity is the different experiences, backgrounds and skills people bring. Inclusion is about valuing those differences. Equity is acknowledging the gaps that exist in organizations related to diversity and inclusion, and being intentional about what needs to be done to decrease that gap.

A focus on improving lives through DEI represents the core of our culture because it allows us to improve the lives of our associates in addition to the surrounding community. 

How does McCownGordon’s commitment to DEI impact the community

Working toward inclusive communities

Just one example is our work with Minority Women Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (MWDBE) certified businesses. We go above and beyond municipal requirements for contracting MWDBE certified businesses with a Mentor-Protege program to mentor these smaller and newer businesses. We help them gain important skills for running a successful business so they are able to grow and hire more employees from the local community around them. As a group, we are extremely proud of the impact our approach has on the vibrancy of our community. Through programs like MWDBE certification, states create a more level playing field for businesses which may need a leg up to compete in today’s market.

On Site

We make concerted efforts to ensure we engage diverse partners on all trades that work hard every day on our job sites. Whether we are collaborating with the municipalities or independent organizations, the entire team at McCownGordon knows the best product comes from including all sectors of the community. 

At Home

For McCownGordon, DEI starts at our headquarters so those values resonate beyond the job site itself. With our dedication to bringing the best MWDBE partners to the forefront, we give them opportunities to be a part of successful projects so they can build their business. Diverse suppliers and trade partners are as vital to our goals and culture as diversity within our associates. We focus on what we can do to help those smaller businesses succeed and provide the tools for them to grow. 

Why does DEI matter? Why does McCownGordon apply so much focus on partnering with these small, minority-owned businesses to build trust, engage the community and help them achieve their goals?

Diversity + Equity + Inclusion = Belonging

Everyone deserves to know they belong, and this focus allows us to do better and to continue being better. It was John F. Kennedy who coined the phrase “a rising tide lifts all boats.” We have found that to be absolutely true in the communities we live and work in. This truly starts to happen when those with the means take responsibility to lead and make DEI a cornerstone of their business.

Discover DEI at McCownGordon

At McCownGordon, we regularly communicate to create an awareness of the value of DEI and engage groups and resources throughout the community to support our efforts. Internally, we promote an environment where our associates have access to the same treatment and opportunities, and the ability to reach their full potential.

Contact us to discover more about diversity, equity and inclusion at McCownGordon Construction. Think you’re ready to join our diverse team of talented associates? Our careers page will guide you to our current openings and we are always seeking quality trade partners to team up with.