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COVID-19 Response Plan

McCownGordon's COVID-19 Response Plan

Managing Through Changing Times

These are definitely challenging times for our people, economy  and community. And while we are navigating in an era of uncertainty, there are things we can do to help people stay safe and healthy, keep business moving forward, and support the communities where we live and work.

Everyone in our community, and across our country, is facing circumstances we’ve never had to navigate before. All of us at McCownGordon send our best to those working hard to do what’s best for our community and region, so we all emerge from this stronger and more resilient than ever before.

McCownGordon remains open and continues to monitor COVID-19 outbreak and to adopt to changing times. At the same time, we are doing everything we can to keep people safe and healthy.

Health & Well-Being

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Our top priority during this time is the health and well-being of our associates, clients and partners.

We encourage everyone to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, and their local government guidelines to shelter in place, if requested. This will help prevent the spread of the virus and keep people safe and healthy.

McCownGordon project teams are working together to make necessary modified work arrangements at their locations. They are encouraged to practice social distancing, provide additional hand-washing stations where needed and to follow CDC Guidelines for preventing the transmission of the virus.

We have many healthcare partners and extend our deepest gratitude to them and all healthcare providers on the front lines working to keep us all safe and healthy. We sincerely appreciate their tireless commitment and dedication.

We also know our educational partners are focused on delivering education to students in K-12 and higher education in new and innovative ways. We applaud you for all you’re doing to educate our future leaders in these unprecedented times.

Business Continuity

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Our associates who are not working on project sites are sheltering in place and working from home. With today’s technology, everyone is available and accessible, even though our offices are closed to visitors. We are replacing in-person meetings with video and conference calls to keep things moving forward. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone on your team at any time.

We are working closely with all our clients and partners to continue business continuity while accommodating for a slowdown in the supply chain and the unprecedented actions we are all taking to minimize the spread of COVID-19.


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Our associates are sheltering in place except for those working on essential project sites. Travel, except to essential project sites in areas with shelter in place guidelines, is stopped and attendance at all non-essential business activities suspended. At all times our associates are practicing social distancing, hand washing and all other CDC guidelines. Associates who have traveled to high-risk areas are asked to self-quarantine for 14 days prior to returning to work.

We are appreciative of all our clients and partners who have already helped tackle challenges, plan for a changing future and focus on doing what’s best for our people and communities. As things change, we will adapt our approach and actions to fit unfolding events. We are here to help and partner with you for the long term, and if we can assist in any way during these challenging times, please reach out.

We are also following local, state and national guidelines and will continue to adopt our approach and actions to align with their recommendations and guidance.

A message from our CEO

We Remain Committed

We remain committed to doing what’s best for our associates, clients, partners and the community, as we have for more than 20 years. We’re confident with dedication and diligence, our nation and community will make it through these times, as we’ve done throughout our country’s history.

Wishing you the best and please stay safe,

Ramin Cherafat

Sharing our response plan with you

We want our associates, clients, partners and communities safe and healthy

If you are one of our trade partners who are looking for a COVID-19 Response Plan, we’d love to share ours with you to help you create guidelines for your company.


Response Plan – Non Project Site

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If you have any questions or concerns about our COVID-19 Response Plan, please reach out to us.

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