Noble Research Institute

Plant Biology Lab Renovation

The renovated spaces include offices, a conference room, break rooms, cold room, growth chamber, photo lab, sterilization room, tissue culture lab and restrooms. 

Construction included complete demolition of interior finishes and structure to the building shell, a new office space, three new research labs, new reception area and break rooms, complete integration with the building management system, four new rooftop AHUs, building and lab exhaust systems lab, lab and architectural casework, all new lab utilities and minor facade upgrades. 

The project features standard lab finishes and new skylights. The skylights allow for natural light and minimal number of doors for an open and natural work environment. The project also has temperature-controlled rooms for the work being conducted in the lab. The project is Registered LEED Certified, with a 75% waste diversion goal and a building management system to increase MEP efficiencies and minimize energy use.
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Corporate Headquarters

422 Admiral Boulevard Kansas City, MO 64106

Kansas Office

227 Blue Earth Place, Suite 205 Manhattan, KS 66502