Project in Process

Glennwood Hospital

The 16,000-square-foot facility, equipped with an emergency room and eight  acute care beds for overnight stays, is designed to fill a niche between retail clinics and big hospitals. 

The new hospital will host an emergency room and acute care, as well as lab radiology, a Level IV trauma center and a pharmacy. It also will accommodate inpatient care, allowing patients to be monitored overnight. Unlike a clinic or urgent-care facility, this new micro-hospitals will be open 24/7. 

Construction also includes imaging department and food services. Prior to construction, the team completed extensive demolition of the buildings mall, clearing the way for the new hospital, new parking lot, sidewalks and landscaping. The space features an artificial sky ceiling system, seamless epoxy flooring, dry erase paint, 3-Form Panels and decorative skyline pattern glass. 
Glennwood Carousel

Corporate Headquarters

422 Admiral Boulevard Kansas City, MO 64106

Kansas Office

227 Blue Earth Place, Suite 205 Manhattan, KS 66502