Crown Center Clinic

Cerner Corporation

Cerner’s healthcare facility near Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri, was in need of some major upgrades and renovation. All areas of the first floor, private offices, several conference rooms, a break room, and various treatment rooms were in need of remodel. The team laid approximately 14,000 square feet of new carpet, rolled vinyl and vinyl composite tile (VCT) to upgrade the flooring. They also added two new reheat coils and relocated the four existing reheat coils to ensure the building stays at a comfortable temperature for all employees and patients.
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422 Admiral Boulevard
Kansas City, MO 64106
P: 816.960.1111 • F: 816.960.1182


1880 Kimball Ave, Suite 200
Manhattan, KS 66502
P: 785.789.3100 • F: 785.789.3096