Renovations and Additions

Archie R-V School District

With approval of a bond to fund renovations and additions to the community's K-12 school, the district selected McCownGordon early in the process through a construction management agency delivery ensuring the project would run smoothly. To provide expanded space for the agricultural sciences and industrial technology programs, the team demolished their existing building and renovated their new space, an existing metal building on campus. The work on the main level of the school included a renovation of the existing small gym into a new media center, renovation of the existing superintendent’s office into a new kitchen and renovation of the existing library into vocal music classrooms. The project also included the addition of a FEMA-rated monolithic dome tornado safe-room, which serves as a 1,200-seat competition gymnasium, a new commons area and cafeteria. 

Form the beginning, McCownGordon developed a team atmosphere with the design team and Board of Education to ensure that the project was a success.

Corporate Headquarters

422 Admiral Boulevard Kansas City, MO 64106

Kansas Office

227 Blue Earth Place, Suite 205 Manhattan, KS 66502