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Leverage a construction manager to find the best way to adapt your pharmacy to USP compliance standards.

By December 2019, new standards will take place in compounding pharmacies. Compounding pharmacies are not your typical neighborhood retail pharmacy. These pharmacies create personalized medicine for specific patients, changing the dosage and concentration depending on the patient and their needs.

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Factors to consider when upgrading a medical facility Building new or renovating: Which is a better fit for your healthcare clinic?

The changing face of healthcare in Kansas means hospital administrators must address tough decisions when their existing facilities need to be upgraded. The biggest question to tackle: Should you build new or renovate?

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Clay County Medical Center gets major upgrade with 44,000 square-feet of additions, renovations

Clay Center represents a rarity in Kansas these days. Unlike many communities faced with the threat of dwindling populations, Clay Center’s has remained steady as younger generations moved back to take over family businesses and farms.

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Planning in advance for medical construction projects: Why to hire a construction manager early in the process

Whether you’re building an innovative, state-of-the-art hospital or renovating a rural clinic, having a construction manager on your team can make a huge difference. And the earlier you bring one on, the better.

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The changing face of rural healthcare: How communities can keep up

The landscape of rural healthcare in Kansas, and around the Midwest, is changing dramatically. Many healthcare providers and hospital administrators are rethinking how they deliver care to their communities.

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Salina Schools get major upgrade as part of $110 million bond

Salina Schools get major upgrade as part of $110 million bond

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